Who we are


After deciding to cultivate truffles on our 5 acre farm,

we located a supplier of inoculated trees.


We planted 110 trees in 2007.


   Meticulous weeding, pruning, and trimming took place over the next several years.                                  

Still nothing... We started to lose hope.


Then it happened.

A pesky squirrel dug up and took a bite of our first Burgundy truffle in August 2013.

Months later the Perigord truffles began to fruit...

here we are today.


More about us...

Chris and Sheri are the owner/operators of "the nut farm" otherwise known as... Below the Nut Farm.

Our precious little dog April left us in March 2016 and our big-bad Forest went into "retirement" mode.

We had to think of something we could do to find these darn truffles!

We decided to go back to the "roots" of truffle hunting.
Luckily the process of locating a local breeder of Vietnamese pot bellied pigs was easy...
that made it seem like it was meant to be.

Meet Annabelle (grey) and Stevie (pink); truffle pigs in training!