Our truffles are divided into 3 categories. We base these categories on size, shape, colour, and aroma. Since truffles grow underground, they are shaped by their surroundings such as rocks, roots, and soil. Their size, colour, and aroma are also influenced by the environmental conditions. Our truffles have been described as no different from European standards.

Below is a list and short explanation of our grading system which reflects our pricing.

Premium Grade $$$

Symmetrically rounded in shape, approximately 30 - 50 grams in weight.

Nose penetrating, pleasant aroma.

Mainly used for presentation; shaved at the table.

Only 15 - 20% of truffles will make this category.

First Grade $$

Uneven shape and size, approximately 50 grams and over.

With small holes or nicked during harvesting.

Same flavour and aroma of premium grade truffles but at lower cost point.

Used in preparation of meals and sauces with some utilized for shavings.

Constitutes 70% of our harvests.

Pieces $

Small sized truffles or pieces.

Same flavour and aroma of premium grade truffles.

Best used for sauces, butters, desserts, inoculum (truffle spores), or dog scent training. Perfect for infusing.